Microsoft office 365 security authentication methods. There may be times when you want to use a different method than the authentication method. You can easily change your default sign-in method to the option you prefer to use. If you find you only have 1 option, you will need to contact your Office 365 administrator to add extra sign in methods.
See guide to help you make change. Sign into your Microsoft Office 365 account. In the top right hand corner look for initials and select them, then a drop down box appears with “view account”

Then select “Security info”

Default sign-in method: You can make your selection here to the option that suits your requirements.

Signing into our account has different levels of security, as you see below the different ways we can secure our Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

Working with many clients we have found that education is important. Choosing the correct security features that are available when using Microsoft Office 365 suite is important. It is often that the user that is less educated, can be the weakiest link on protecting your companies data.


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