Computer Servicing Cleaning

Computer keep going.We use our computers everyday, we just expect them to keep going and give us no problems at all. Just like and piece of equipment it needs to be cared for and serviced.
Computer servicing could be split into two categories
1. Software maintenance.
2. Hardware maintenance
With hardware maintenance this is a visual inspection, involves dis assembly of the machine. As we are looking inside the computer we are looking for electronic components that may be showing signs of ageing.
Further looking we inspect the CPU fan and surrounds. Noticing if dust may be behind the blades of the fan.
Each case may vary as different computers by different manufactures have slightly different layouts.
Depending on your environment this service may need to be carried out every six months, generally every twelve months would be ideal.

Servicing the computer is quite simple armed with the correct tools, of cause be aware there can always be dramas when dissasembling anything.
Steven Jarvie